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Arachne's Child
Bicycle Built for Two
Bloodcult of Freud
KL Morgan
Knight of Swords
Lady Montgomery
Odd Doll
Pandora Nervosa
Scattered Logic
The Stars Hold Nine Serpents
White Raven

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Random Stories
Love's Little Instruction Book by melisande88 (S-MT)
Years after Hogwarts, Snape and Hermione encounter each other by chance in ...
Harry Potter

Side by Side by Scattered Logic (S-PT)
Determined not to make the same mistakes he'd made during his relationship ...
Harry Potter

Of Vultures and Carrion Crows by White Raven (S-MT)
Snape's last thoughts....
Harry Potter

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Featured Stories
Coming to Terms by Arachnes Child (S-MT)
Remus Lupin makes a confession. Snape takes some time to respond....

He Died How? by Knight of Swords (S-MT)
Ten years after Voldemort's defeat, Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy meet up...

Bound By The Moon by shadowycat (S-PT)
Remus Lupin thinks he's found a cure for Lycanthropy. Unfortunately, he ne...

Recently Added/Updated
The Secret Life of Severus Snape by OzRatbag2 (S-PT)
When Eileen Snape listened to the hushed warnings of her sister, Kathleen, ...

Problem Management in (Re)Verse by Scattered Logic (S-PT)
Severus Snape revives a medieval potion, and Hermione steps in to help her ...

Clock Watching by melisande88 (S-MA)
PWP. What, you were looking for story? OK. Here's a little story for you...

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